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Enhanced Planned Maintenance for Commercial HVAC For Energy Efficient ACs

Preventive maintenance

FIS is raising the bar for preventative maintenance services. Our enhanced preventative maintenance program (EPM) provides value-added services to the conventional PM services offered by competitors. Our CARE technicians (Critical Asset Resource Experts) provide a superior service experience with the mindset of leaving each location better than they found it. Here are some of the items that differentiate FIS’s EPM services:

What our CARE technicians do different:

  1. CARE technicians use an app to digitally document all work performed in real time every visit.
  2. Inform management on site of any critical issues relating to equipment being serviced.
  3. Remove and document rooftop debris and hazards each visit. (National average cost for roof cleaning $500)
  4. Ability to integrate and update customer’s asset management software.
  5. Professional presentation. From our vehicles to our methods, our CARE technicians roll with curated supplies and equipment to ensure the job is done with consistent precision every visit.

The EPM program difference:

  1. Single pointe accountability across nationwide networks.
  2. Documentation! All data collected by our CARE technicians is freely shared/reported with Facility/Operations Management. Including EPM checklist and photos from each visit.
  3. Levelized-Transparent pricing. We provide standardized pricing across your network eliminating inconsistencies from local providers.

Our EPM advantage delivers critical asset care, with a Frictionless service experience and lower total costs.

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